Atmospheric air drier ‘Mohave Heat’ commissioned in Oman

On 17 December commissioning of an automated Mohave Heat air drying unit was completed in Oman.

This product is designed to dry atmospheric air to dew point of -50… -70ºС and to remove dust and particles. The unit is used while installing or repairing transformers. Some of the applications are:

  • opening transformers
  • draining oil from transformers (used oil removal)
  • drying smaller transformers up to 110 kV with hot dry air (air drying with new heating system globe core)
  • oil paper insulation drying.

Besides, the unit can restore sorbents in external equipment by purging it with 400-430ºС air. In agriculture, Mohave Heat is used to dry grain, hay etc.

The automated model is controlled from a touch screen, setting the required mode of operation. Air flow rate is set by frequency variators (one for each blower). Temperature setting is maintained by PID.

Using automation in Mohave Heat units allows to reduce energy consumption and labot costs, as well as ensure air tightness of electrical equipent during repairs and maintenance.

For specifications of the product, follow this link. To get more information on Mohave Heat air drying unit, contact GlobeCore’s engineering or management staff.



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