A Business Trip to Namibia

June 1-2, GlobeCore employees visited Windhoek (Namibia) to hold several meetings with the representatives of the Namibian electricity sector.

During these meetings, GlobeCore presented its units for filtration, vacuum degassing and regeneration of mineral oils and equipment designed for air-drying  transformer solid insulation.

The UVR regeneration unit caused particular interest. This equipment uses a unique technology of processing mineral oils with special sorbent.  It regenerates transformer, turbine, industrial and other oils, as well as diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, heating oils, etc.

During the presentation, the GlobeCore engineer demonstrated operation of a laboratory scale UVR unit. It processed contaminated samples of hydraulic fluid, kindly provided by the representatives of Botswana, who also attended the event. After being processed on the unit, the oil’s original color was restored as well as its its performance properties.

On the whole, the trip to Namibia can be regarded as successful. GlobeCore signed new agreements for production and supply of oil equipment in South Africa.



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