Brand-new, Compact and Highly Effective – CMM-0.6 Oil Treatment Unit

The company GlobeCore is known for its equipment – for cleaning and regeneration of transformer oils:

Most of the equipment we produce is designed for stationary use and processing oil  in  large quantities:

We have units that are specifically designed for stationary use – near a transformer.

But many of our customers have a need  for a very compact equipment that can be easily transported   and used in small spaces.

We had to produce a new installation   that would be as good  in its performance and functionality  as its “big brother”  but small in size and weight.

CMM-0,5 installation  is a completely new plant for purification of transformer oil –in  GlobeCore production line !

Application.  CMM-0.6  installation is designed for pumping, heating, degassing and cleaning electrical oil from mechanical impurities and moisture.

The equipment can be used by enterprises that are engaged in maintenance, repair and operation of small transformers.

General characteristics. The unit’s productivity is 600 liters / hour. It provides and maintains 4406 ISO cleanliness code (dash 14-12)

Several cycles of oil treatment  provide gas content not more than 0.1%;% and moisture content –not more than  10 parts per million

Features. The equipment has a very simple construction and consists of a vacuum column, a heater, pumps for creating vacuum and pumping oil, and a filter block with replaceable cartridges.

CMM 0.6 unit is easy to maintain, It is compact and has a quiet operation. Also it suppresses foam formation and protects against  oil leakage .



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