CMM-0.6 Launched in Italy

October 5, 2016: the GlobeCore employees once again launched new equipment.

This time, the commissioning of the CMM-0.6 mobile oil treatment unit took place in Carpenedolo (province of Brescia, Italy).

This equipment removes mechanical impurities from transformer oil and drys it under vacuum. The input oil should have a viscosity below 70 cSt at 50 ° C. The quality of transformer oil purification is achieved by multiple passing of oil through filters, vacuum drying and removing water vapor from the surface.

In addition to the standard CMM-0.6 model, GlobeCore offers its automated modification – CMM-0.6a. A distinctive feature of this unit is its full automation. The CMM-0,6a is equipped with a GSM-module that allows to remotely control the unit using a mobile phone. The current process parameters are transmitted to the operator in text messages.

The automation of the process eliminates possible downtime, saves on maintenance and labor costs.

The mobile oil treatment unit can be used at oil-filled high-voltage equipment installation, repair and operation facilities.



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