Design, Manufacture and Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems on the Basis of Vortex Layer Devices

Each year the world produces about one trillion cubic meters of wastewater.  Approximately one fifth of which receives no treatment before being discharged back into water sources. The greatest threat to the world’s water supply is posed by industrial effluents resulting from activities in the chemical, food, machine-building, instrument-making, petrochemical, and radiochemical industries.  Wastewater discharged into rivers and other bodies of water is extremely dangerous.  This is due to the fact that:
  1. the overall regeneration process of water in the hydrosphere is much slower than air in the atmosphere; and
  2. the natural processes occurring in an aqueous environment are more susceptible to contamination.
Additionally, water is far more important for the sustenance of the Earth than the analogous processes in the atmosphere.  The feasibility of wastewater treatment therefore, is not in doubt.  The main problems that arise in dealing with this issue relate to the complexity of physical and chemical changes that occur in the process of purification. Today’s existing ion exchange, reagent, and coagulation methods of industrial wastewater treatment to remove chromium and other heavy metals, do not fully guarantee the efficient and economical cleaning of water resources.  The main drawback of these methods is the formation of large quantities of waste requiring disposal. When cleaning wastewater, there is a large amount of precipitation formed.   After dehydration, it is usually stored on site at the industrial plants in areas designated for storage.  On site storage makes it necessary to have extra storage spaces that are not always available due to space limitations. Ion exchange and reagent methods of wastewater treatment using conventional equipment are quite time-consuming, slow, and consume huge amounts of reagents adding greatly to operating costs.

vortex wastewater treatment

GlobeCore offers an alternative approach to wastewater treatment that involves the use of vortex layer devices.  These devices are used in many industries for intensification of physical and chemical processes.  Improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes in a vortex wastewater treatment layer device is achieved by the following factors:
  • electrochemical processes, electromagnetic treatment and activation of the substances in the vortex layer;
  • phase dispersion; and by
  • geometrical parameters and modes of operation of the vortex wastewater treatment, its hydrodynamic factors, that provide intensive mixing of the processed media.
For example, when cleaning wastewater and removing phenol with the GlobeCore AVS-100 type vortex layer device, energy costs are reduced by 10 to 15 times.  Reagent consumption is reduced by 1.5 to 2 times. GlobeCore offers: a comprehensive analysis of the chemical and bacteriological composition of the wastewater of your enterprise, definition of peak surges and identifying their causes;
  • a custom design of wastewater treatment systems, including computerized systems for management;
  • manufacture of treatment systems on the basis of vortex layer devices;
  • installation and commissioning at your facility; and
  • carrying out all testing.
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