Desulfurization of diesel fuel

Desulfurization of diesel fuel. Thus, the consumer receives fuel with strictly limited sulfur content. Obviously, the less sulfur, the more expensive the product. A way to save on the fuel bill is to take lower grade diesel fuel and process it to satisfy the requirements of the vehicle fleet.

GlobeCore offers the desulfurization process based on the AVS-150 magnetic nano-mill and the UVR unit.

The process equipment for continuous desulfurization is a 1 cubic meter tank, a pump to supply the fuel to the AVS-150, a vessel with a dosage pump to supply reagent, a portioning device to supply ferromagnetic particles into the chamber of the AVS-150 and a UVR vacuum fuel regeneration unit.

The 1 cubic meter tank is filled with the fuel to process. The pump supplies it to the chamber of the AVS-150 along with the reagent from the 30 liter tank. After treatment in the unit, which only takes a fraction of a second, the fuel flows to the UVR unit, where is passes through a layer of adsorbent to remove the products of the reaction between the reagent and sulfur. The treatment and mixing of the reagent with the diesel fuel is performed by steel ferromagnetic particles. Particle wear is 5 grams per 1 hour of operation, that is, 0.01 gram per 1 liter of processed fuel. Particles are loaded automatically by a portioning device. The rate of processing is 0.5 m3/hour.

The efficiency of chemical processing depends on the intensity of mixing and completeness of reaction product removal. Intensive mixing of reagents, even at high temperature and low concentration of of solution, forms emulsions which require more time to separate. To intensify this process, the AVS is used to facilitate intensive mixing of the fuel with the reagent.

As a result of our tests, we reduced the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel from 337 to 8 mg/kg, while retaining other important quality parameters, such as flashpoint, fraction content etc.



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