Diesel fuel filters

The main purpose of the filter is to purify diesel fuel by removing contaminants which may enter oil products (dust, water, loose particles of construction materials. A fuel filter is a must in any vehicle to protect the fuel system and the motor. The below article looks into the kinds of filters available for diesel fuel.

Filtration rating divides filters into coarse and fine. The former are used for pre-treatment of fuel, the latter – for finishing. If the vehicle is equipped with a diesel engine, a water separator may also be installed. Fine filters may be installed as parts of the fuel pump or into the fuel lines.

Only high quality filters should be used for diesel fuel purification. Low quality product have problems, such as:

  • small particles pass though the coarse filtering media;
  • low contaminant capture rating;
  • fast clogging, meaning frequent changes;
  • possible filter media damage, letting unfiltered fuel into the system.

High quality of diesel fuel purification ensures optimal engine power and protects the fuel system from damage and corrosion.

Presence of water in diesel fuel is highly undesirable. If water enters the system, combustion is disrupted and injection system is damaged. Separators must also be of high quality.

One of the most important requirements to diesel fuel filer is the ability to operate in low temperatures. This is due to the crystallization of paraffin in the fuel in cold weather. These clog filters. This problem is usually resolved by installing a temperature controller into the filter to maintain fuel temperature and ensure optimal mix of hot fuel and cold fuel form the tank.

Lacking this device, paraffin crystals can clog the filter, effectively cutting off the fuel supply.



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