Diesel fuel purification and equipment

Contamination of diesel fuel by solid particles or water is most often the effect of long storage in tanks, transportation and pumping. In some cases, oil products can be contaminated by microbes.

To evaluate the presence of, for example, water in the fuel, imagine how the engine will look after running on abrasive mixture supplied at high pressure.

It would seem that the problem may be solved at the fuel production stage, but even the best fuel can be contaminated while being transported to the consumer, due to oil piping, pumps and valves.

Contaminated diesel fuel can damage some of the highly precise parts of the engine, such as nozzles etc. The most sensitive is the equipment with several mixron openings. These become clogged fairly quickly even with relatively low level of fuel contamination. Important parts of the engine and the fuel system break down, and require expensive repairs.

To save money, improve reliability and extend life of the equipment, diesel fuel should be purified additionally at the location near the consumers.

GlobeCore suggests highly efficient solutions to improve the quality of the oil products before use. The UVR type units allow to remove hydrogen sulfur, sulfur, paraffin and unsaturated hydrocarbon from the fuel. After this treatment the fuel is does not oxidize and darken.

The equipment has the following advantages:

  • can be operated automatically or semi-automatically, with no need for constant operator intervention. Human participation is required only to start and stop the unit, as well as to change the sorbent;
  • minimum power consumption;
  • versatility. The UVR can be used not only for diesel, but also for heavy fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, various mineral oils (transformer, turbine, industrial etc). The transition from one processed substance to another is easy. Simply select manual operation mode, pump out the remaining oil product form the system, then change sorbent and the filters.

Using the GlobeCore processes to purify and clarify diesel fuel allows preventing engine and fuel system damage, eliminating down time and expensive repairs.



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