Ecuador. Startup of CMM-12R plant in Andean highlands

August 25, Ecuador (in. Quito) GlobeCore engineers commissioned the CMM-12R plant.
The test run of the unit achieved outstanding dielectric loss tangent of 0.7% at 90°C (with initial value – 11%), it also increased breakdown voltage to 80 kV.
Note that the CMM-12R plant has the following advantages:

Round the clock reclamation of transformer oil while simultaneously reactivating sorbent;

  • Process control of all components of the equipment;
  • Upgraded software;
  • Control the oil reclamation via a GSM-module;
  • Zero loss of oil during purification.
  • Operator room is equipped with air conditioning and a PC, making operator job easier.
  • Performance of the equipment in regeneration mode is 4 m3/h.

GlobeCore engineers provided staff training on working transformer in Ambato, Ecuador. The CMM-12R unit processed insulating oil in the on-line transformer without switching taking it offline. Ecuador is a mountainous country, which showed that GlobeCore equipment operates consistently and shows good results even in high elevations.