Flexible oil tanks

Oil storage is an important stage in its life cycle. Storage must be reliable, that is, prevent contact with oxygen and entry of various foreign objects. Contaminated oil is more prone to aging and should not be put into industrial equipment without treatment (filtration, degassing etc).

This article deals with the subject of oil tanks: airtight shells of cylinder or pillow shape. This product is most often made of polymers. Apart from transformer oil, flexible tanks can hold diesel fuel, kerosene or gasoline.

These tanks are more convenient than metal or concrete tanks. They can be folded for transportation. Expanding the tank is possible directly on site. Deployment and redeployment do not require special machinery.

Flexible tanks can also be placed on unprepared terrain. Transportation to remote locations is significantly easier than that of other tanks.

Soft tanks can even be transported by car, and deployment takes only two or three people. Beside, deploying the tanks is quick (several hours is enough).

The light weight of the tanks is also important. For instance, a 250 cubic meter flexible oil tank weighs about 100 kilograms, while the same volume in steel weighs about 13 tons.

Considering the above, the following are the distinct advantages of flexible tanks for transformer oil storage:

  • construction material sufficiently strong and resistant to wear;
  • resistance to unfavorable environment;
  • inert towards the stored material;
  • good resistance to wear while maintaining flexibility;
  • air tightness;
  • reliability and long service life.



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