GlobeCore Oil Degassing Unit CMM-4/7 and a BV. Commissioning at El-Kuwait city

On 11-12 June 2016 a СMM-4/7 and a BV vacuum section were commissioned at one of Kuwait transformer substations (El-Kuwait city).

Commissioning of several units at the same time is a frequent occurrence in power industry and is very efficient. In this case, several important problems are solved.

The CMM 4/7 vacuumizes transformers and purifies transformer oil, removing particulate matter, water and gas. This unit can be used to heat a transformer, degas oil or vacuumize the transformer. The maximum processing rate in heating and filtration mode is 7 m3/hour, and 4 m3/hour in oil degassing mode.

To improve safety of electrical insulation oil treatment, it is recommended to use the TSS system. This systems disconnects the CMM from the transformer in certain situations, such as oil leaks, oil level exceeding limits, false triggering of the Buchholz relay etc.

The BV-1000 vacuum section evacuates air, non-aggressive gases, vapor and gas-vapor mix from air tight vacuum system at the rate of 1000 m3/hour. This unit creates vacuum in transformer tanks and dries electrical equipment. The important feature of the unit is its ability to be used in combination with transformer oil degassers.

It should be noted that all testing and commissioning operation in El-Kuwait were completed in difficult conditions. Ambient temperature approached +50ºС, however, GlobeCore equipment displayed outstanding performance.





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