GlobeCore Turbine Oil Purification Process in action

Turbine oils are used in turbine adjustment system, which is composed of oil pressure units, alignment servos, rotor servos, pivots and bearings.

Contamination of oil with sludge and moisture promotes  electrolytic erosion of bearings, degrades reliability of regulation system and shaft seals, causes wear of chocks and bushings, causing increased maintenance expenses, reduces performance and decreases oil life time.

An analysis of failures and malfunctions of such machines indicates, that 20-25% of such incidents are related to faults in the oil supply system and the quality of turbine oil.

Replacement of turbine oil is quite costly in terms of buying fresh oil and disposing of used product. However, the potential of used oil, despite degradation of its performance, is not yet fully exhausted.

Regeneration of turbine oil with GlobeCore’s CMM-T units allows complete restoration of turbine oil performance to specifications, meaning that the reclaimed oil can be used again. CMM-T units function well with turbine oil from hydro and thermoelectric power plants and in ex-proof zones.

Application of GlobeCore’s regenerative technologies each time when the oil’s acidity exceeds allowable specifications, extends turbine oil life, offering savings on oil change and disposal. For instance, savings for one 72 MW radial-piston turbine is $1300 annually.



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