GlobeCore’s Magnetic Metal Traps for the Food Industry

One of the many possible applications of GlobeCore’s vortex layer devices is the processing of the liquid-phase found in heterogeneous systems.  GlobeCore’s Vortex Layer device is designed to intensify technological processes in various industries that include the food industry, chemical industry, and the microbiology industry. The principle of operation of a vortex layer device is based on the chaotic motion of ferromagnetic particles under the influence of a rotating electromagnetic field.  A layer is formed in the active zone of the unit that is known as a vortex.  In this layer, an intense mixing and pulverizing of the treated materials takes place due to the uniform effect of the electromagnetic field, acoustic vibrations, and local high pressures on the materials in the vortex. Studies carried out by the specialists of GlobeCore’s advanced Engineering Department have shown that the vortex layer devices can be successfully used in the production of highly profitable foodstuffs.  In particular, some include:
  • mayonnaise and high-calorie sauces;
  • flour products;
  • fruit juices;
  • sunflower oil; and
  • various other cooking oils.
The modern vortex layer device can improve the quality of consumer products being produced, reduce the time of production, and extend the shelf life of the finished products. During processing of foodstuffs however, gradual abrasion of ferromagnetic particles takes place.  The presence of metal particles in food products is unacceptable.  To solve this problem, the use of magnetic metal traps was developed to remove any traces of metal particles.  The magnetic metal traps can effectively and continuously remove ferromagnetic particles from food mixtures, thereby preventing small metal particles from intruding into the final product. GlobeCore offers magnetic flow metal traps manufactured specifically for use in food production lines featuring the AVS-100 or AVS-150 type vortex layer devices.  Upon request, it is possible to produce magnetic metal traps of the many required sizes for other industries.


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