Guests from Bulgaria visited GlobeCore office in Oldenburg

June 1, 2016, GlobeCore head office held a regular presentation of our products.

This time Bulgarian specialists attended GlobeCore’s presentation of the oil processing technology and maintenance of power transformers.

GlobeCore lead engineer introduced the company’s history and the capabilities of equipment for:

  • Filtration of mineral oils;
  • Degassing of mineral oils;
  • Regeneration of mineral oils;
  • Evacuation of power transformers;
  • Air-drying of solid insulation of power transformers etc.

The regeneration technology drew particular interest from the visitors. And it is not surprising, because restoration and reuse of resources and raw materials are becoming increasingly important with the accumulation of environmental problems. Waste oil is no exception.

GlobeCore has a unique technology that completely restores the operating properties of insulating oil without switching the transformer off-line or draining the oil from the transformer. It is the principle of operation of the CMM-R unit.

The presentation ended with the practical demonstration of the capabilities of GlobeCore equipment at the International Training Center that trains service personnel to operate the oil filtering equipment.



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