Individual Approach to Oil Recovery

Transformer oil – is a main isolator in transformer. In addition, it serves as a coolant. It entirely stabilizes electrical breakdown of transformer.

However, its indispensability is dangerous – transformer oil is influenced by moisture and temperature, dissolved gases and various harmful particles that are accumulated in the process of aging. The oil also reacts with the hard materials of transformer, dissolving them in the process.

The main problem is that changing old oil to new one does not produce the desired effect in stabilizing work of transformer. It is impossible to completely remove the old oil from the transformer. A remaining contaminated residue on details and isolation contributes to more rapid aging of new oil.

Due to the fact that outdated oil, containing excess moisture and gases, is recognized as internal pollutant, it is filtered through filtration systems.

GlobeCore is one of the leaders in global market of advanced technologies and specializes in various oil systems.

Different UVR models of oil recovery, by GlobeCore, are universal installations of vacuum oil recycling intended for: cleaning, clarification, removal of aromatics from various oils: transformer oil, turbine oil, furnace fuel, dark diesel, gas condensate, and all types of industrial oils.

Installation UVR is universal and is intended for regeneration as a turbine, transformer and other oils.

Fuel, oil vacuum cleaning system UVR restores original properties of oils which received a dose of negative impurities during previous operation. Such systems are of great interest for energy companies and companies engaged in servicing power transformer equipment, repair of transformers, transformer substations, power plants and hydroelectric turbines, plants for processing and production of oil, tank farms, due to the fact that the mobile unit is connected directly to transformer providing oil cleaning, removing harmful particles from the transformer insulation, as well as operating in online transformer.

Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR by GlobeCore provides the highest level of oil recycling and oil reclamation and recovery during production and storage. After the full cycle of regeneration and filtration the oil is stable and less susceptible to oxidation, respectively, does not darken and does not gain an odd odor. According to these characteristics, after regeneration the service life of oil increases and at the same time the productivity of transformer increases too.

Many enterprises produce and mix their own fuel to achieve maximum efficiency of the engines. They use systems for mixing and blending. And the final stage is the UVR plant which regenerates (cleans) oil, acquires stability and complies with international standards.

GlobeCore has a large list of products in stock. However, in recent years customized installations, systems assembled and adjusted to meet the wishes and requirements of each client are widely popular.  Especially popular features are mobility, complete or partial automation, remote control, different types of climatic performance. Production models can be purchased directly from GlobeCore warehouse. Models of individual design are designed and manufactured to order within 30 to 45 working days.

The equipment is set into operation within one or two days. Readjustment of equipment is not required. The plant can be delivered to any country in the world as agreed with the customer.

Widespread use of fuel, oil cleaning systems UVR make them an integral part of the process at virtually every industrial enterprise.



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