How many cubic meters of oil can be regenerated with one load of sorbent in the UVR-0.1?


When using the UVR-0.1 oil cleaning and regeneration unit, the most frequent questions are the average amount of sorbent used and the amount of oil processed by this sorbent.

The UVR units for cleaning and regeneration of oil use a combination of thermal vacuum filtration with a special sorbent

The main feature of this equipment is the ability to work with various types of oil: transformer, turbine and industrial oils, diesel and heating oil, gas condensate, kerosene, etc.

It is important to understand that each of these oil products has different physical and chemical properties, and the amount of absorber used for regeneration may be different in each case. In general, the sorbent consumption is 3-17% of oil weight and 1-7% of fuel weight.

The UVR-120 unit is loaded with 120 kg of sorbent and it is possible to calculate the amount of oil cleaned with one load. With 120 kg it is possible to clean 700-4000 liters, which corresponds to 0.7 – 4 m3.

The consumption of absorber also depends on the degree of oil pollution and its acidity. The dirtier the oil and the more is its acid number, the greater amount of absorber is required to achieve the desired result.



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