Mineral Oil Processing Equipment

Oxidation, contamination and other impurities accumulate in oil during operation, drastically reducing its quality.  Oil processing equipment restores the original properties of oil,  substantially reduces oxidation products and water – for oil to be reused for its intended purpose.  The simple regeneration processes include:

  • sedimentation and filtration;
  • sedimentation, adsorptive purification and filtration;
  • sedimentation,  alkali treatment, adsorptive purification and filtration;
  • sedimentation, acid treatment, adsorptive purification and filtration;
  • sedimentation,  acid and alkali treatment, adsorptive purification and filtration.

Sedimentation of waste oils – is getting rid of mechanical impurities and water.  For maximum efficiency it is carried out  at 80-90°C, during 24-48 hours.

Thick fabrics, metal grids, paper, cardboard or bleaching clay are used for oil filtering.

The oil with low level of contamination and water (up to 0.3%) is purified using separators at  60-70 °C.

Acid and alkali purification is used to clean deeply oxidized waste oil.

Alkali treatment is used to remove organic acids and free sulfuric acid residue.

Adsorption is the most effective way to remove asphalt pitch from oil.  Activated carbon and bleaching earth are used as adsorbents.

The deepest cleaning of mineral oils and almost complete recovery of its original properties can be obtained by special recovery units.  In this case, the process may include the following steps:

  • precipitation (removal of solids and water);
  • “atmospheric” distillation (removal of sediments, insolubles, water and low-boiling petroleum fractions)
  • sulphuric-acid refining followed by lime neutralization (removal of the oxidation products and additives);
  • filtering (removal of acid sludge);
  • vacuum distillation (separation into one or two low-viscosity and medium viscosity distillates in residue);
  • bleaching earth treatment;
  • compounding and implementation of additives.

Not all of the above listed operations are safe for the environment.  For example, sulfuric-acid refining results in forming of acid sludge – which is a dangerous substance, difficult to dispose of.  GlobeCore Company is one of the leading manufacturers of oil processing equipment complying all environmental requirements.  In addition, GlobeCore technology recycles used oil,  saving financial and energy resources.

GlobeCore – is your profit and care about the future!



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