The CMM oil plant is designed for removal of solids and moisture from dielectric insulating oil with viscosity of no more than 70 cSt at 50ºC/122ºF.

The plant offers purification on class 9 from initial purity class 13 (contaminant content below 0.004%) in multiple passes of the product through the filter section.

The plant is used for installation, repair and operation of oil filled high voltage equipment (power transformers, high voltage switches etc).

CMM-1.0 unit is assembled on a frame, supporting the unit’s components:  input and output oil pumps, dielectric control cabinet, vacuum chamber, coarse and fine cartridge filters, vacuum pump and pipelines with   valves.


Parameter Value
Capacity, м3/hour / gals. per hour: 1.0/264.7
Max oil output temperature in heating mode, °C/°F 60/140
Processed oil parameters*: 10.0
• mass moisture content, g/ton max
• filtration fineness, micron 5
Oil output head, meters /yards 20/21.86
Max inlet pressure, MPa 0.1
Oil heater power, kW 25.2
Oil heater max mean surface power, W/cm2 1.1
Nominal power, kW 29
50 Hz AC power voltage, V** 380
Dimensions, mm/ft 1300//4’3’’
• length
• width 800/2’8’’
• height 1550/5’1’’
Weight, kg/lbs 540/1193

Note:  * Initial oil parameters:

  • mass moisture content – below 005% (50 g/ton)
  • heating of oil in the unit to +60ºC ±5ºС/140ºF ±9ºF for 30 minutes;
  • gas content below 10%.

**All equipment sold in the USA is designed to operate on 60 Hz AC Power



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