UVB-2-L bitumen modification laboratory system is designed for preparation of small samples (no more than 10 liters per batch) of modified bitumen. The system uses continuous bitumen mixing process with further dispersion of bitumen and polymer in the mill. Unit design allows for addition of other liquid components in the process of bitumen modification.

The unit can be used by petrochemical facilities for optimization of modified bitumen production process, determining the required amount of modifying additives and using the prepared bitumen as a laboratory sample.

Technical parameters

Specifications   Value 
Main load vessel volume, liters   24 
Minimum bitumen load in vessel, liters   10 
Maximum bitumen load in vessel, liters   12 
Modified bitumen preparation process  Dispersion of bitumen and  polymer in mill
Pump capacity, l/min   30 
Max temperature of bitumen preparation, °C   190 
Minimum bitumen input temperature, °C   160 
Heating of liquid in the tank and pipelines  By heat carrier 
Heater power, kW   4.8 
Controls  Manual 
Component controls  Automation assisted 
Max power consumption, kW   15 
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm   1630/770/1800 
Max net weight, kg   420 



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