УВБ-1-ВБ The UVB-1-V unit is designed for refining of foam bitumen recipe. It can be used by asphalt-concrete mix production facilities, as well as construction  and road repair facilities. The unit is designed for indoor use.
Specifications   Value 
Minimum mixer capacity for bitumen, l/hour   600 
Water consumption, l/hour , min/max   6/30 
Air consumption, l/hour , min/max   0/100 
Bitumen pressure, max, MPa   1.6 
Water pressure, max, MPa   0.6 
Compressed air pressure (to mixer), max, MPa   0.6 
Compresse air pressure (to controls), min/max, MPa   0.4/0.63 
Bitumen temperature, min/max   140/160 
Water temperature, °C, min/max   20/60 
Oil temperature (for heating) °C, min/max   120/180 
Nominal power, kW   10.4 
Power voltage, V   380/220 
Bitumen tank volume, liters   15 
Water tank volume, liters   15 
Volume of oil for heating, liters   10–15 
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm   1250/970/1490 
Max weight, kg   400 



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