Oil regeneration plants and Fuel Oil Purifier

Fuel Oil Purifier.

Regeneration of transformer oil, industrial oil,  turbine oil, cabel oil, hydraulic oil, vacuum oil, diesel oil, furnace oil and other types of mineral oil. Oil Regeneration Plants of UVR type GlobeCore GmbH

UVR is the universal unit for regeneration and restoration of different types of mineral oils such as transformer oil, industrial oil, turbine oil, cabel oil, hydraulic oil, vacuum oil and others. This unit can be also used for regeneration of light fraction of fuels such as aviation fuel, marine fuel, diesel fuel, gas condensate, kerosene, solvent etc.

fuel oil purifier

fuel oil purifier

UVR Oil Regeneration Plant in different version can regenerate, purify, restore, delete aromatic from different types of petroleum products. UVR unit can be applied by different companies, it easy to operate and easy to install, easy for transportation and noiseless.

Our product range includes different equipment with different capacity:
  • UVR 450/6 (framed configuration) – productivity is 100 l/h this unit are widely used by small companies
  • UVR 450/16 (framed configuration) – productivity is 700-800 l/h can be mounted on trailer for easier transportation across production facility
  • UVR 450/16 (containerized configuration) – productivity is 700-800 l/h this unit was designed for installation out of the building
  • UVR 450/16 (explosion proof configuration) – productivity is 700-800 l/h this unit was designed specially for regeneration of explosive material and also recommended for using in the tropical climat

Comparative characteristics of UVR units

# Name of parameters Value
1 Regeneration productivity, m³/h: UVR-450/6 UVR-450/16 UVR-460/16(C) UVR-460/16(V)
-transformer oil 0,1 0,28-0,3 0,28-0,3 0,3
-turbine oil 0,1 0,28-0,3 0,28-0,3 0,3
-industrial oil 0,15 0,28-0,3 0,28-0,3
-dark heating oil (crude oil) 0,25 0,6-0,8 0,6-0,8 0,6-0,8
-dark diesel oil 0,25 0,6-0,8 0,6-0,8 0,6-0,8
-dark gasoline 0,30 0,7-1,1 0,7-1,1 0,7-1,1
2 Regenerating powder consumption in % from the weight of cleaning product
-transformer oil 3-17 3-17 3-17 3-17
-turbine oil 3-17 3-17 3-17 3-17
-industrial oil 3-17 3-17 3-17
-dark heating oil (crude oil) 2-15 2-15 2-15 5-20
-dark diesel oil 1-7 1-7 1-7 1-7
-dark gasoline 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5
3 The weight of regenerating powder for filling
-one regeneration module, kg 20(35) 20(35) 20(35) 20(35)
-all regeneration modules, kg 200(300) 400(600) 400(600) 400(600)
4 Loss (oil product) in % from initial volume (that that remains in a sorbent)
-transformer oil 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6
-turbine oil 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6
-industrial oil 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6
-dark heating oil (crude oil) 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6
-dark diesel oil 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6
-dark gasoline 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6
5 Total capacity of heaters, kW 1,98 5,28 5,28
6 Rate capacity, kW 5 8 13 8
6.1 Power consumption without heating of kW/hour 3 2,72 7,7 5
7 Thickness of filters, micron
-input 25(10) 25(10) 25(10) 25(10)
-output 5(3) 5(3) 5(3) 5(3)
8 Voltage of the three-phase alternating current main with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz, In 380 380 380 380
9 Overall dimensions, mm not more
-length -width -height 2600/ 1400/ 2030 4800/ 1480/ 2140 6060/ 2590/ 2440 4800/ 1480/ 2140
10 Weight, kg not more 1340 2550 5400 3400

GlobeCore GmbH is a leading manufacturer offuel oil purifier. Our units are designed for used oil regeneration, oil purification, oil degassing, oil filtration, oil restoration. The main rule – liquids should be hydrocarbon origin. No engine oil and no motor oil, all oils with synthetic additives cannot be purified by this equipment.

Let’s remind the list of oils and fuels which can be regenerated by UVR Oil Regeneration Plants:

  • transformer oil
  • industrial oil
  • turbine oil
  • heating oil
  • cabel oil
  • hydraulic oil
  • vacuum oil
  • transmission oil
  • diesel oil
  • gear oil
  • insulating oil
  • and others

This list is still incomplete. You can check the possibility to clean your sample of oil, we offer you to make a reclamation test before buying. Reclamation/regeneration of used mineral oil help to prevent pollution of environment. GlobeCore’s UVR units allow delete unpleasant odour, mercaptans, sulphuretted hydrogen and sulphur.

In the time of modern energy’s crisis oil regeneration becomes more and more popular and required by governments and community. Used oil recycling becomes the question number one for save an environment. Besides that approach allows increasing the general effectiveness of production and reducing expenses for buying new resources.

Waste oils recycling (such as transformer oil, gear oil, industrial oil, turbine oil, vacuum oil, compressor oil, hydraulic oil, heating oil, diesel oil and other types of mineral oil) can be made by using special equipment.

GlobeCore GmbH is the one of the leading manufacturer of used oil regeneration machines on the world market. Successful experience in implementation of Oil Regeneration Plants in more than 70 counties on the world allows confirm that Oil Regeneration and Oil Restoration are fully justified.

In general oil regeneration process can be defined as separation and removing of different contaminations and impurities which were accumulated on service and which are the result of aging processes. As an impurities can be indicated tarry substance, carbon laydown, depositions, sediments etc. The simplest ways of used oils purification are filtration, sedimentation and centrifugation.

Pre-treatment includes removal of water and solid components. After preparatory treatment work material incurs vaporization and distillationFiltration is the next step. Filtration allows purify the oil from contaminants by means of special membranes. Oil purification degree depends from the requirements. If these requirements are not very stringent filtration can be the last step. Otherwise special chemical agent should be used. Chemical agents allow obtaining deepest degree of purification.

Until recently, waste oil collected in containers, and then stored or transported by special equipment to enterprises engaged in the processing of petroleum products. But this approach isn’t rational. You need to spend your usable area and your money for transportation, for salary of servitorial staff. Also you need sort used oils and ensure that they didn’t mix because then regeneration may become impossible.

The company GlobeCore offers a unique solution: regeneration of waste oil on-site operation.

The company GlobeCore offers a unique solution: regeneration of waste oil on-site operation. Mobile Oil Stations of UVR type will easily cope with recovering transformer oil, industrial oil, turbine oil, transmission oil and other types of mineral oil. From now you don’t have to go anywhere to restore your waste oil! Oil which will be in compliance to all standards can be obtained in your own production conditions.

Benefits from the waste oil restoration are obvious: you have rational utilization of the wastes and decrease environmental stress.

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