Reagent Automatic Dosers for Wastewater Treatment Systems That Operate Using Vortex Layer Devices

GlobeCore designs, manufactures, and installs wastewater treatment systems that utilize vortex layer devices.  The main feature of these machines is the complex effect the devices have on processed materials.   The processing consists of intensive mixing and dispersion, acoustic and electromagnetic treatment, friction, local pressure, and electrolysis. The GlobeCore Process of using the vortex layer devices consistently will achieve more efficiency in the wastewater treatment process by reducing energy consumption, reducing reagent consumption, and also decreasing  production costs. The use of reagents reduces the amount of precipitated dirt staying in dissolved form or as a dispersion component.  For the best cleaning results, dissolved reagents are injected into the wastewater in strictly controlled amounts.  Overuse leads to higher economic costs as well as a rise in the cost of operating the treatment facilities. In the wastewater treatment systems that use vortex layer devices, a substantial saving in reagents is achieved through the use of a specific unit that automates the process of feeding the reagents into the pipeline.  With this device, you can measure the acidity, pressure, and the percentage of metal at the inlet and outlet flow of sewage.  Based on this data, the following actions can be taken:
  • control the amount of supplied reagents;
  • change the dosage of reagents, depending on the current performance of the process and the data set with the remote control;
  • adjust the flow rate of incoming fluid;
  • switch to the backup settling sump in the case of the peak discharge of pollutants or increasing the flow to non-reprocessable level; and
  • distribute the flow between several vortex layer devices.


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