Successful commissioning in Uganda

On 3 December 2015, GlobeCore specialists successfully commissioned a CMM-4D unit in Uganda.

This unit employs heat and vacuum to purify electrical insulation oils. The oil is finely dispersed in the vacuum chamber, where special activator filters increase the surface area of treatment.

СММ-4D units can:

  • purify transformer oil, removing particulate matter, water and gas;
  • heat electrical systems with hot oil;
  • vacuum-dry transformers;
  • vacuumize external equipment.

The unit is simple to operate and service and ensures consistent oil treatment parameters (5 micron filtration and purification to class 9).

As necessary, GlobeCore’s СММ-4D units can be operated in one of the following modes:

  • oil transfer;
  • transformer heating;
  • heating, filtration and vacuum purification of oil;
  • vacuumizing.

The unit is equipped with the required protection and automation systems to improve reliability. In particular:

  • control and visual indication of oil temperature;
  • overheating protection;
  • control of oil flow through the heater;
  • keeping the oil temperature according to the selected mode of operation.

If you require a reliable system for soft and careful purification and degassing of transformer oil with several other useful functions, the CMM-4D is the ideal choice! Refer to contact list to make your order.



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