Tanks Equipment

Safe operation of tanks depends on the equipment that maintains, services and controls processes:

  • filling and emptying of tanks;
  • detecting the level of stored oil-product;
  • sampling of petroleum product  for laboratory analysis;
  • cleaning and maintenance of tanks;
  • oil-product heating;
  • oil-product settling;
  • dehydration;
  • maintenance of safe pressure level inside the tank.

Equipment of tanks is divided in two large groups depending on the stored material properties:

  • equipment for tanks for light oil-products, oil and diesel  fuel economy storage;
  • equipment for tanks for dark oil-products and oils storage.

Safety valves, ventilation and gauge hatches as well as level measurement tool are usually mounted on tanks.  Existing norms regulate installation of ventilation and safety valves at one flame arrestor.

A rising pipe with nozzle is used in order to fill or empty underground reservoirs.

A special stripping pipe is used for dehydration and removal of residues of oil and oil-products.

Heating devices are used to improve conditions for pumping and dehydration.

Specific equipment configuration depends on the type of tank and petroleum products that are stored in it.

A skylight is installed on a roof of a vertical tank directly over the inlet nozzle.  When the lid is opened the light shines into the tank.  The hatch is also designed for ventilation before repair or cleaning.

A manhole hatch is required for the staff to be able to get inside the tank.  Usually it is placed on the tank apron ring.  Additional features include lighting and ventilation of tank in case of cleaning and repair.



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