Turn the waste into profits. Waste oil recycling machine.

Waste oil recycling machine

One of the aspects of successful development of each business is implementation of innovations. We all are searching every day new resources to obtain more profits. There exist the materials which can be used again and again but because of shortage of equipment or knowledge we cannot use it on 100%.

recycleHow many tons of used oil recycling machine are disposed every year? How many damages we bring to our environmental? Stop throw out your profit into wastes, start recycling and you will obtain the benefits.

So, how can we obtain the benefit from this type of wastes? Today’s technologies of oil recycling allow restore almost all used oil recycling machine. We offer you to familiarize with mineral oil regeneration technology.

Regeneration does more than restore the oil to its original, new condition. The cost for regeneration of 1 ton of oil is less than the cost for new oil. Besides, regenerated or recycled oil can be more effective to compare with new oil.

For restoration of used oils can be applied various technological operations which are based on physical, physicochemical and chemical processes. All these methods were created for cleaning oil from different contaminants and aging products.

As usual, the sequence of oil cleaning methods is following:
  • mechanical (for removal of free-water and solid particles);
  • thermophysical (vaporization and vacuum distillation);
  • physicochemical (coagulation, adsorption).

If these methods are not enough to remove all contaminants the chemical methods need to be used. But you need to know that chemical methods are accompanied by using of sophisticated equipment and heavy expenses.

There exist a lot of different technologies for oil recycling such as electrostatic purification, single-pass filtration, constant regeneration of oil by absorbents or thermal siphon filters, application of special oil anti-oxidation and contamination protection, constant concentration of anti-oxidation additive (ionol) etc.

We will speak today about complete oil regeneration by means of special type of sorbing agent combining with degassing and desludging processes.

These devices for complete oil regeneration were designed by engineers from company GlobeCore. Over ten years this technology is used with success in 80 countries around the globe.

By using machines of UVR type (Unit for Vacuum Regeneration of Oil) you can recycle following types of oil and fuel:

Waste oil recycling machine
  • transformer oil;
  • industrial oil;
  • turbine oil;
  • diesel oil;
  • diesel fuel;
  • gas condensate;
  • kerosene;
  • other type of mineral oils.

But UVR unit cannot restore motor oils or oils which contain some synthetic additives. On our website you can familiarize with the video materials concerning oil regeneration and oil recycling.

Characteristics which can be improved during oil regeneration:

– dielectric strength; – tan delta; – octane number; cetane number; – oil color etc.

There is other positive side of oil restoration; it is stability of regenerated oil for oxidizing.

Another but very effective criterion is water content. During oil replacement from the unit the water from the air can get to the new oil. As result, the water in the oil can lead to damage of the unit or to other problems.

Waste oil recycling machine

Diesel fuel before and after regeneration

Our engineers had designed devices which can resolve the problem described above. This is on-side oil regeneration. You don’t need to deenergize your machine (transformer or other devices) to provide oil cleaning.

UVR unit can be applied for regeneration of old used oils from storing. All these wastes which were a big problem for many companies can be turn into profit. We were tested different types of contaminated mineral oil. Even when we pass the oil through the unit only one time the result is perfect. Imagine only, old burned oil can be regenerated to the “like new” condition. On the pictures you can see the result of oil testing. Oil with the black color and bad smell after treating by means of UVR unit became light with the good aromatic and completely restored characteristics.

We also can offer you to make a reclaiming test of yours example of fuel (oil) to check the possibility of cleaning it.

Waste oil recycling can be a good business considering the growing oil usage and implementation of new environmental legislation. You will kill two birds with one stone: prevent the damage of the earth and save your money.

So, if you are interested in environment protection and would like the develop your business, you can contact us any time and we will send you all required information concerning the Oil Regeneration Technology and waste oil recycling machine.



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