Used Oil Refinery Unit

Different types of oil are used in various industries. And the more machinery use oil, the bigger is the problem of waste oil – its refinery or disposal. After its purification from mechanical and other impurities which accumulate during its operation – the oil can be used more than once.

According to the degree of contamination and methods of its reclamation, there are two kinds of waste oil:

  1. Light waste oil, its refinery is easily – applying sedimentation and filtration only.  Other (primarily mechanical) methods are also used in some cases.  After purification such oil can be reused.
  2. Dark waste oil  is a result of using  oil as the lubricant for car parts with high loads and high temperatures.  In most cases oil darkening is caused by the presence of contaminants like oxidation products and metal particles.

The second type requires a careful oil refinery and subsequent disposal.  It is not recommended to mix different types of waste oil during collection. Each waste oil must be disposed separately using special methods.  If it is not refined directly after collection, it is necessary to provide an appropriate storage conditions for waste oil: using hermetically sealed containers, away from  ignition sources, and away from children.

As it was mentioned, light waste oil can be reused after oil refinery.  As for dark oil, in most cases it is burned.  Which  contaminates the  environment and is not the best approach. Harmful substances pollutes the atmosphere when burning waste oil, even if it has been pretreated. Neither is good to dispose of it into the ground or water.

Is there a solution when working with dark oil?  Yes, there is.

GlobeCore UVR units reclaim various oils, diesel and heating oil, gas condensates, gasoline, kerosene, etc.  After clarification they are stable, do not darken and  conform to current standards and high purity class.

GlobeCore always knows how to deal with dark waste oil!



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