UVR: the best solution to the problem of fuel and oil regeneration

The question of oil regeneration generally arises after the oil has been severely polluted and changed its chemical composition as a result of long-term operation or storage.

Even ordinary dust or micro organisms can significantly reduce the quality of diesel fuel; and metal shavings in industrial oil can cause failure of expensive equipment.

What should also be said about transformer oil?  It serves as insulation and heat removal medium from the hot parts of a transformer. Oil contaminated with water may cause losses measured in hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Therefore it is always necessary to use only pure oil, and also to monitor its condition during the entire period of operation. Critical deviations from the norm demand the oil to be drained and replaced with new, or the dirty oil to be regenerated and reused.

In the former case the old oil needs to be recycled, as it is against the law to dump it into soil or water, and it is heavily fined by the authorities. Also it is becoming more and more difficult to solve the global environmental problems. Another expense is the purchase of new oil. In the latter case, it is not necessary to purchase fresh oil. Regeneration equipment prolongs the service life of waste oil or dirty fuel after appropriate treatment.

Now there is a lot of oil cleaning equipment available on the market, but not all of it is capable of restoring the oil to its original state, or close to it. For example, the classic sedimentation, centrifugation or filtration techniques  remove mechanical impurities and water only, at best.

Practical experience shows that the best results of purification and regeneration of petroleum products are achieved with the combination of various methods. Based on this experience GlobeCore developed the UVR unit for oil recovery on the basis of thermal vacuum filtration with adsorbent

The UVR unit can clean transformer oil, industrial oil, transmission oil and other types of mineral oils, as well as diesel fuel and heating oil, gas condensate, kerosene, etc. After processing, the oil completely restores its performance properties and color.

The transition from one type of oil to another does not require any complicated manipulations. Consumption of absorbent is the only difference.

The UVR unit is easy to transport, and it can be used to provide mobile services for cleaning of fuel and oil.



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