Ways To Improve Diesel Fuel

The failure to comply with  transportation and storage rules leads to the degradation of performance characteristics of diesel fuel.  Sometimes, quality of the fuel delivered is low from the very beginning.  But, there is a way out for such fuels.


Filtration is used to protect the engine from solid impurities and dust particles.  Additionally, it allows for improvement of diesel fuel combustion efficiency.


Separation is a kind of filtration.  There are the cases however, when diesel fuel is so contaminated that filtration will not be enough to bring the fuel up to an acceptable level.  The majority of separators operate on the combined principle that dust, water and solid particles are removed from fuel.


GlobeCore UVR units are used to decolorize diesel fuel.  These units consist of the following parts: (1) vacuum container; (2) regeneration block; and (3) inlet and outlet filters. The main benefit of the UVR unit is that it reinstates a product to a marketable condition by decolorizing diesel fuel, removing aromatics, water, and mechanical impurities. Additionally, the GlobeCore UVR system is able to remove hydrogen sulphide compounds, reduces sulphur concentration, paraffin content, and removes unsaturated hydrocarbons. After purification and decoloration, diesel fuel remains stable and does not oxidize and/or darken.

Application of Additives

Some characteristics of diesel fuel may be improved by adding special chemical substances.  Nowadays, there are a lot of additives in the hi-tech market, among which antibacterial, anti-wear and cetane improver additives enjoy wide popularity.


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