Botswana. Commissioning of CMM-12R and CMM-4/7

In May, more of GlobeCore equipment was commissioned  in Gaborone (Botswana).

At this time two transformer oil regeneration plants CMM-12R and CMM-4/7 were installed and commissioned

In its design, CMM-12R is a multifunctional complex that carries out both processing of insulating oils and maintenance of transformers. The main distinguishing feature of this equipment is – that it recovers and regenerates oil by removing dissolved gases, solid particles, free and dissolved water, as well as oil decay products. It can recover oil directly in a transformer tank without switching a transformer off-line. CMM-12R also removes sludge from the windings; it heats a transformer and its active parts with hot oil, and performs a vacuum treatment.

CMM-4/7 is also a multifunctional equipment. It performs the following tasks:

  • Drying, degassing and cleaning of insulating oil from mechanical impurities;
  • Heating oil before filling electrical equipment with it;
  • Vacuum drying and evacuation of transformers.



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