СММ-2,2 project was executed in Italy

September 17, GlobeCore started up and tested a CMM-2.2 unit in Foligno (Umbria), Italy.

This time, the startup and commissioning were carried out on site of a large locomotive manufacturer in Italy.

Italian railers use silicone oil in their locomotive transformers. The oil mostly consists of silicon atoms, its name comes from Latin “silicium” (silicon). This feature gives silicon oil the following characteristics:

  • stable temperature;
  • good heat transfer;
  • resistance to ignition.

Before every purification, it is necessary to ensure:

  • the unit is washed from the remains of the previous oil;
  • the filter elements are replaced;
  • vacuum column activator filters are replaced.

The tests showed CMM-2,2 purifying both mineral and silicone oils equally well.

Representative of Lube Team Hydraulic Antonio Pisaniello highly commended the work of our company representatives: “We were present at the commissioning of the equipment for filtration of silicone oil for railway locomotive 402B of Ansaldo / Hitachi to in Foligno. The start up was successful. I am satisfied with the work done. I thank you and until the next time”

We are also grateful to our Italian colleagues and look forward to further cooperation.



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