CMM-G Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Changer
Turbine Gear Oil Changer
The CMM-G unit is designed for a three-stage process of changing oil in wind turbine gearboxes.
Silicone Fluids reclamation unit for dielectric strength and temperature stability increasing.
Fuel cleaning, oil cleaning system UVR-450/6
Oil Regeneration Plant UVR-4501
The UVR-450/6 is a versatile unit, designed to purify, lighten, regenerate and completely remove aromatics from any petrochemical product.
Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR-450/16
oil sysrem1 The unit can be operated by any facility, does not require special placement, is easely transportable and works noiselessly.
Fuel cleaning, oil cleaning system UVR-450/16(C)
The UVR plant purifies and lightens dark diesel and heavy fuel oil, removes sulphur and hydrogen sulfide compounds, easily lightens gas condensate, removing resins and contaminants.
Oil cleaning system UVR-450/16(V) (proof)
The UVR 450/16 (V) purifies and lightens dark diesel, heavy fuel oil, gas condensate, kerosene, removes resins and contaminants.
Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant СММ-R2

Complete restoration of the dielectric strength and chemical composition of the transformer oil
Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant CMM-R6

remove acids, moisture and other contaminants from the oil
Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant CMM-R12
Energized transformer oil processing and automatic Sorbent Reactivation
Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant CMM-R24
transformer oil regeneration, automatic sorbent reactivation, restoration of oil to its original like new conditions
Magnetic Milling

Used for improving the effectiveness many different chemical engineering and technological processes.
CMM-RP4 Sorbent Reactivation Plant
CMM 4 RP № 50
Designed for reactivation of sorbent that is used in UVR system.
Laboratory Equpment

GlobeCore GmbH offers a wide range of lab equipment for oil processing and butimen production
Fuel, oil, alcohol and any liquids blending

Fuel oil blending system for blending up to five separate components and dilution of any liquid.
CMM-0.6 Mobile Oil Plant
CMM-0.6 is designed for pumping, heating, degassing and cleaning electrical oil from mechanical impurities and moisture
CMM-1.0 Mobile Oil Plant
СММ 1 №642
Unit offers purification to class 9 from initial purity class 13 in multiple passes of the oil through the filter section.
CMM-2.2 Oil Processing Plant
СММ 2.2
CMM-2.2 removes solid particles, water and gases from dielectric insulation oil
CMM-4.0 Oil Processing Plant
СММ 4 (СММ6)
CMM-4.0 may de used for: heating electrical equipment; for vacuum drying of transformers; for vacuumizing.
CMM 4/7 Mobile Oil Processing Unit
CMM 4D trailer mounted
4/7 is designed for degassing, removal of solids and heating of oil for power transformers with voltage up to 1.150 kV.
CMM-10/15 Mobile Oil Processing Plant
UVM 10-10 trailer mounted_син
The unit is designed for (1) vacuumizing transformers; (2) removal of solid particulate matter; (3) water removal; (4) removal of gases.
BV Vacuum unit
BV is designed for evacuation of air, non-aggressive gasses, vapor and vapor-gas mixtures after purification
BRZ Zeolite Reactivation Unit
БРЦ 100
BRZ is designed to restore the performance of th CP-260 sorbent cartridges used in drying dielectric insulating oil.
MZU Zeolite Oil Drying Plant
МЦУ -7
MCU oil purification unit removes solid particles and water from dielectric insulating oils.
Transformer Dry Air System
The Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying unit is designed for drying of air and removal of solid particles from atmospheric air
CFU Oil Filtration Unit
CFU unit is an on-site portable filtration unit designed for removal of solid particles from lube and dielectric insulation oils
CMM Vacuum cold trap
The vacuum cold trap is designed for pulling vacuum and drying of solid insulation

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